Sempre Space, Founder

Luci is a renowned experience architect with a reputation for designing and producing extraordinary moments for her clients. She works with the change agents, the world makers, and the earth shakers. She makes it possible for the dreamers and doers to cultivate incredible businesses for a better, more connected world.

For over 15 years, Luci has successfully led international organizations, nonprofits, and government entities through challenges and complexity and into optimization and sustainable growth. She has traveled the world, living and working in an eclectic array of cultures and social and political environments. Those experiences have afforded her a depth of wisdom and a profound ability to harmonize any situation she encounters.

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Luci's vast experience allows her to see hidden considerations and help people navigate challenges and opportunities they weren't able to see on their own. She's a disruptor of the status quo, a solutions guru, and a master of organization and long-term transformation.

Luci's work is built upon strong relationships, rather than mere transactions. She devotes herself to anything she does and always shows up with patience, integrity, and an unyielding determination for excellence. She truly loves her work and the wonderful humans she gets to serve in the process.

She is the founder of three thriving experience focused companies, Sempre Events, Sempre Weddings, and Sempre Space, working with clients that are committed to fostering an inclusive work culture and a positive social and ecological impact. Her portfolio includes high level clients such as AmeriCorps, USAID, Pepperdine University, American Cancer Society, Rotary International, The United Way, Space for Humanity, Blue Origin, Ford Foundation, and scores of others.

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